About Problems and Prospects of the Simulation Training


For the first time as part of scientific and educational medical cluster of the Far Eastern Federal District and the Baikal Region “Vostochniy” the  Scientific and Practical Conference on the Problems and Prospects of Simulation Training in Medical Higher Schools took place in Blagoveschensk from 12th -14th of April.
This event of unique format took place on the base of Amur State Medical Academy. Fellow workers of the Medical Universities from Chita, Yakutsk, Khabarovsk as well as health workers from Blagoveschensk participated in it.
Opening the Plenary Session Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation, Professor S.S. Tseluyko said that the simulation training of students, which allows the instructors to form competences in a discipline and which is one of important phases of specialist becoming, is a priority orientation.
“The general priority of the simulation techniques is the training without harm to a patient and objective assessment of the achieved level of the professional training of each specialist. The possibility of multiple practical skills and competences training under the guidance of an experienced  instructor is a key to successful professional activities of both a health worker and Medical and Preventive Institution on the whole”, he said.
Then the word for greeting was given to First Deputy Ministry of Health Care of the Amur Region, the Cand.Med.Sc. A.G. Sudakov who also underlined the particular topicality of the work of the created Centers of practical skills training in the higher medical schools. “The working Simulation Centre on the base of the Amur Medical Academy, which recently seemed something unbelievable for Priamurye, today is equipped with robots of the last generation allowing the instructors to model a whole range of pathologies”, he said. The simulation rooms equipped with the modern devices allow the students to master their practical skills using modern simulators, moulages, phantoms and to sink into the reality of a Health Care Institution wholly.
The participators were also greeted by the Chief Independent Professional, Anesthetist-Resuscitator of the Ministry of Health Care of the Region O.V. Markov.At the Plenary Session 2 reports were presented by S.V. Hodus – a Head of the Simulation and Evaluation Centre - who told about the work in the Centre and by Assoc.Prof. of NEFU L.A. Aprosimova who shared his experience in managing the procedure of the primary accreditation of specialists. Then the work of the Conference was continued in the Simulation and Evaluation Centre of the Amur SMA, where the scientific reports were presented and master classes in primary neonatal resuscitation, in thrombolytic therapy in acute coronary syndrome as well as in obstetrics and gynaecology were given. With the help of modern equipment of the Centre, manikins the specialists from the regions shared their experience, discussed the most topical questions of the simulation training of future health care workers, some points of the postgraduate training, and some aspects of the training of population to give first aid and so on.
At the Conference the exhibition of medical and simulation equipment took place as well. 

Sergey Anikin - an Instructor of the Chair of Hospital Surgery of the Amur SMA, the Candidate of Medical Science – became a prize winner of the Competition of Scientific Works of Young Scientists of Russia in the field of Oncology.


The Competition Organizing Committee is the Academic Counsel of the RI of Oncology named after N.N. Petrov (St. Petersburg). The competition was conducted in 2 phases. During the first phase the presented works were analyzed by the Contest Jury. As a result from several dozens of works only 40 works were included into the Conference Collected Volume. These are works of young scientists from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Tomsk, Stavropol, Orenburg, Kazan and Blagoveschensk. Only 18 candidates were allowed to participate in the next phase – face-to-face. Sergey Vladimirovich said that almost all these works were carried out in the Central Specialized Oncological Research Institutes such as RI of Oncology named after N.N. Petrov (St. Perersburg), N.N. Blohin Oncological Centre (Moscow), Tomsk RMC RAS. The Far East and Zabaikalye were presented only by the Amur State Medical Academy!
Face-to-face phase of the competition was in St. Petersburg at N.N. Petrov RI of Oncology. Each competitioner presented his/her report with multimedia presentation to the Contest Jury. Having listened to Sergey Anakin’s report the Masters in the field of Oncology noticed the high level of his scientific work. It was based on Sergey’s dissertation on the complex approach in functional surgery for low rectal cancer, as well as on 9 patents for inventions (RF) and 4 state registration certificates of the programs of ECM. As a result Sergey was awarded the 3rd prize-winning place by the Contest Jury (2 first places were won by the representatives of N.N. Petrov RI of Oncology).
As Sergey Vladimirovich said the Ceremony of Rewarding the Winners would take place as a part of a Prestige International Forum “White Nights 2017” in St. Petersburg and his report would be included into the Programme of the Session of Young Scientists.
“I`d like to say that the instructors of the Chair of Hospital Surgery of the Academy headed by Professor Valeriy Yanovoy get the winning places at the All-Russian Competitions not for the first time”, noticed Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation of the Amur SMA Professor Sergey Tseluyko. “In 2014 Sergey Anikin got the 1st place and the grant prize at the II All-Russian Competition “Modern Problems in Surgery and Surgical Oncology”. A little bit later Artyem Zavaruev – an instructor of the Chair- became a laureate of the Competition of Scientific Works of Young Scientists, presented at the XXI All-Russian Meeting of the Cardiovascular Surgeons. It points to competitiveness of the staff of the Chair and its high scientific potential”.

In the Youth Innovation Centre


In Amur SMA a Youth Innovation Centre (YIC), which is headed today by a postgraduate Alexander Sergeevich Zverev, has already been working for some years. Here the students, residents and postgraduates who like and want to conduct research are engaged. Young scientists have unique opportunities to work in different laboratories of YIC, to take part in conferences, to have practical training both in this country and abroad.

Today the structure of YIC includes some laboratories. Thus in the Histology Laboratory preparations from the materials got from other laboratories and scientific groups are prepared and analyzed.

In the Laboratory of Experimental Medicine substances with potential therapeutic effect are screened, experimental patterns of pathologies are developed. Some Scientific Groups on Oncology, Biotechnologies of Tissue and Regenerative Medicine are involved in this work.  

In the Laboratory of Experimental Psychology human behaviour patterns in some experimental situations, the processes of remembering and information processing are studied and a neuro-stimulator “BrainStorm” which was developed in the Medical Devices laboratory is tested. The Medical Devices laboratory is engaged in technical support of other laboratories with devices, models for carrying out experimental work. This laboratory is multidisciplinary as students of engineering and medical specialties are united here to make their dreams come true.

Some of these projects are the following: a neuro-stimulator “BrainStorm” and bioprinter to print using cells, which is jointly being developed with scientists from Novosibirsk.

Friendly atmosphere of the Centre contributes to its productive work and we hope it’ll help to pay dividends to the society.

The human resources of the Laboratories of YIC will be the base for the staff members of the Laboratory of the NextGeneBiosystem Company, which will start working soon.

Amur SMA and Heihe Hospital – Aspects of Cooperation


The Chinese delegation from Heihe (PRC) consisting of the Chief Doctor of Heihe No.1 People`s Hospital and 3 deputies visited Amur State Medical Academy with the official visit where they met with the responsible executives of the higher institution and got acquainted with the activities of  Cardiac Surgery Clinic of the Medical Academy.

The aim of the visit is to discuss the opportunities of cooperation between the Heihe hospital and Amur SMA in the field of healthcare and on the profile of “cardiac surgery” in particular.

In the People’s Chinese Republic, as in the world in whole, the indices of the cardiovascular morbidity of the population are high as well. In the North of the country in multimillion province Heilongjiang cardiac surgical care to the citizens with this condition is provided by Heihe No.1 People’s Hospital. However the Chinese doctors would like to increase these opportunities and in part thanks to neighborhood with Blagoveschensk. It is more convenient than to solve these problems in the clinics located in Harbin and Peking which are more remote from Heihe.

“Our foreign colleagues were very interested in the facilities of Cardiac Surgery Clinic of the Medical Academy – the only one in the region where the open heart operations are performed with the use of apparatus of the artificial blood circulation also by the way the only one in the region.

Rector of Amur SMA  Tatyana Zabolotskikh said: “They still can’t provide such medical care for their patients with cardiac problems in Heihe. And they have a lot of patients who are in need of such operations. That is why in the near future the executives of the Chinese Hospital are going to discuss some details of the further cooperation more thoroughly. Besides in the Heihe People’s Hospital a former graduate of our Academy is working – a citizen of China. Apparently he told his colleagues a lot about our Academy and he actively promotes further extension of cooperation.”

The Chinese delegation looked over the Cardiac Surgery Clinic, which made an impression on them due to its small size and great opportunities. The guests remained satisfied with the seen faculties – they are up to the world standards. They formulated a wish to share best practices, to exchange specialists, to carry out joint research, to conduct joint consultations of patients, but the main thing, however, is to provide cardiac surgical care to Chinese patients who are in need.

“We agreed with the Chinese colleagues that at the initial stage the specialists of Cardiac Surgery Clinic together with the Head of Cardiac Surgery Department will help to the doctors of Heihe People’s Hospital to formulate an algorithm of preparing Chinese patients with cardiovascular diseases to the operation in our clinic”, the Chief Doctor of Cardiac Surgery Clinic Anzhelika Zelinskaya said. “It is possible that our cardiac surgeon at the first will go to Heihe to examine patients who are in need of open heart operations. We also have to help to our Chinese colleagues to develop an algorithm of convalescent period of the operated patients: this process is long and expensive. That is why allegedly they will extend this period in their hospital. We are ready to admit patients with cardiac problems from Heihe at any time. The fact is only that it is necessary to prepare the required papers on international cooperation in the field of healthcare. As soon as they are ready and are signed we will start working.”

Acording to Anzhelika Viktorovna the Clinic has already had the experience of treating patients from contiguous state: in 2016 a citizen from China was treated privately – he was performed coronagraphy. “We are waiting for him for replacement of a diseased valve with a prosthetic heart valve. The executives of the People’s Hospital were informed and they support this patient.

During their visit to Amur SMA the guests from the Celestial told that in December of  last year Ministry of Health of PRC had entrusted special powers to the Heihe No.1 People’s Hospital to strengthen good neighborly relations with Russian colleagues and to widen cooperation in the field of healthcare. And the visit of the executives of the medical institution from the border city Heihe to the Amur medical institution initiated the realization of long-term and mutually beneficial projects on health protection of citizens of the two friendly neighboring countries.  

Future Chinese Doctors Listen to the Lectures of Lecturers of Amur SMA


Lecturers of Amur State Medical Academy became the first Russian lecturers who delivered lectures to the students of Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Harbin, PRC).

“Enduring friendship with this higher institution lasts for many years”, - said Vice-Rector for Research Sergey Tseluyko. “Formerly under the concluded agreement on cooperation the exchange of students for practical training during summer work experience internship took place. At the end of the previous year Professor Nadezhda Krasavina and senior lecturer Nadezhda Ambrosyeva delivered a lecture series on Histology and Anatomy of one week duration to Chinese students.”

As the Amur lecturers said in the Chinese medical higher institution they had been warmly met and they had had perfect conditions for living and working. The lectures were delivered only in Russian as the students studied the Russian language.

Besides among them there were students from neighboring CIS countries – from Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan and others. They, having learnt the Chinese language during special one-year course in Harbin, entered Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to understand wisdom of oriental medicine.

“Some of them had a pretty good knowledge of the Russian language and that is why they were our assistants in case of some difficulties in translating,” – said Professor Nadezhda Krasavina. “But more often I wrote difficult terms using big printed letters on the blackboard. It was large and occupied almost an entire wall. It is impossible to teach such subject as Histology without drawings that is why I drew with coloured chalks on the blackboard. By the way later the Chinese students gave me a lot of them and of different colours. I used them with great pleasure to teach Cytology, General Histology, to inform on regeneration processes and immune reaction. There were no difficulties during lectures. We understood each other perfectly. And by the end of the lecture series we became friends with the students and they wrote me some thank-you notes in Russian”.

And Nadezhda Pavlovna gave them her own presentations, lectures and 3 textbooks on Histology published by the lecturers of the Chair of Histology of Amur SMA. “Let the students use them in good health!” she said.

The lecturers of the medical Academy surprised the Chinese students as they delivered lectures standing – all 3 hours! They don’t have such a tradition and for our lecturers it is a common thing. The students are engaged at the University practically the whole day. Sometimes lectures finish at 7 p.m. Our lecturers notice that the Chinese students, who were not more than 60 in the lecture hall, are very attentive, curious, and graceful and they always applauded at the end of the lecture as an expression of their gratitude to a lecturer.

At the end of the lecture series Professor Krasavina took part in the International Congress on Gerontology and in the opening of a new Gerontology Centre where the aged Chinese citizens will be treated and have a convalescence period.

As Sergey Tseluyko said in 2017 lecturers of the medical Academy will continue to deliver lectures for future Chinese doctors.


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