Medical activities

Medical activity in the Amur State Medical Academy is carried out on the basis of the license FS on Surveillance in Health № FS-28-01-000625 from 08.12.2016 on the basis of 18 clinical departments of medical and pediatric faculties and FPCE.
Cardiac Surgery Clinic and Scientific-practical medical center “Family Doctor” operate on the basis of the Academy.
176 full-time teachers (including 27 part-time persons. Among them 3 Doctors of Medical Science, 21 Candidates of Medical Science, 2 Professors, 3 Associate professors) work on the basis of medical institutions of the Amur region and clinical departments. 42 of them have the scientific degree of Doctor of Medical Science, 95 - Candidate of Medical Science, 25 Professors and 43 Associate professors. 35 persons have higher qualifying medical category. All teachers are certified specialists.
The department annually trains 258 residents of the first and second year of study.
Rector of the Academy T.V. Zabolotskikh and Vice-Rector for Continuing Medical Education and Regional Health care Development Professor I.Yu. Makarov are members of the board of the Ministry of Health of the Amur Region.
9 employees of the Academy are acting Head Specialists of the Ministry of Health: Professor, Doc.Med.Sc. I.G. Menshikova, Professor, Doc.Med.Sc. V.V. Yanovoy, Professor, Doc.Med.Sc. V.P. Gordienko, Assoc.Prof., Cand.Med.Sc. M.V. Harchenko, Professor, Doc.Med.Sc. A.A. Blotsky, Professor, Doc.Med.Sc. G.I. Chubenko, Assoc.Prof., Cand.Med.Sc. N.A. Tretyakova, Professor, Doc.Med.Sc. N.V. Korshunova.
4 employees of the Academy work as members of the certification committee of the Ministry of Health: T.V. Zabolotskikh, I.G. Menshikova, N.A. Tretyakova, V.V. Yanovoy.
Academy staff: V.V. Voitsekhovsky, V.P. Kolosov, I.G. Menshikova, V.V. Yanovoy, A.A. Blotsky, I.V. Borozda, A.A. Mazurenko, A.L. Shtilerman and N.A. Marunich are members of the advisory council of the central certifying commission of the Russian Ministry of Health in the Far Eastern Federal District

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